small victories

3 thoughts on “small victories”

  1. That is lovely and I am in total agreement, with all your statements, even though both my girls are older, both teens, I still need adult or mummy time. Strange but true, my youngest is Meagan, but everyone still call her Megan!!

    1. Thank you! And you’re so right. We moms definitely need that adult/me time. I keep telling Michael that one day the children will be gone and we’ll still need to be acquainted with ourselves. 🙂

      Do you pronounce Meagan as “Mee’-guhn” or “Meh’-guhn”? We say “Tee’-guhn”.

  2. I spent more hours at work with my children underfoot than I’d care to count. I felt like I fussed at them constantly about being noisy when I was on the phone, leaving their designated play area and bugging the employees, sneaking into the cupboard and eating ALL of the snacks for the week in just one afternoon, etc. etc. One time I even held my hand over my son’s mouth to keep him from screaming in pain when he cut his hand with the hunting knife my husband had left in the bottom drawer of the desk. I was on the phone with our biggest customer, who had no children and wouldn’t understand a screaming four-year-old in a business situation.

    So, with my left hand I grabbed my boy, wrapped my arm around his head and put my hand firmly over his mouth to muffle the cries, finished up my call as quickly as possible, and then rushed my bleeding child to the ER for stitches. I felt like the worlds’ worst mom.

    He’s 31 now, and want to know what he remembers about the whole incident? How much he didn’t like the ER doc. That’s it!

    I’ve asked all of my kids about the times at work, and what they remember. ALL FOUR of them thought it was great fun to go to work with Mom, hang around the office and sneak in to visit Dad in his office. They ALL said it made them feel like they were a part of our business lives in addition to our lives at home. My kids all picked up valuable skills as they grew older because I’d have them file papers, answer the phone, make copies, send faxes, even type invoices.

    When they got out into the business world, those experiences made them more at home in an office/work environment and they were very familiar with standard office procedures and how both printing offices and real estate offices functioned. Now, I know your babies can’t answer the phone yet, but my oldest daughter started helping me with the phones when she was 12. She did an excellent job of it. Her first real job out of high school was at a telemarketing firm. She already had the phone skills needed for the position….

    So…keep taking them with you and include them in your work at home. You WILL get through this and they will be more well rounded people because of it.

    Love you cuz!!


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