the flea market & valentine’s fail part 2


First things first: The photography!

I have this cool new 60mm 2.8 macro lens and while I was trying to think of great places to try it out, Mr. Old School announced he wanted to go to our local farmer’s market/flea market hybrid situation and I got giddy. There are all sorts of weird things to photograph out there! Weird and wonderful things, we surely saw.

A little note, these are the first photos I shot with my 7D AND edited on my new laptop with the retina display. It’s a whole new world, boys and girl. A whole new world. I feel like Jasmine singin’ my heart out on my magic carpet ride … to a camera and a computer. It’s the little things, really.

Wind Catchers Springs Old Glass Bottles Keys Panties
It’s probably my sick sense of humor, but I thought the tent with three massive racks of these panties was wildly hilarious.I have no clue what these are called Orchids
This photo of these gorgeous orchids has become my new computer’s background. Every time I look at it, I still can’t believe I shot that! I’m silly. It’s the little things.Genie's Bottle Old Rings Old Camera Cheap Sparkley Glass

And now on to Valentine’s Fail Part 2…

You probably don’t remember this, but last year’s Valentine’s Day was rough. Rough.

This year, I was determined to not repeat last year’s frenetic debacle, so I asked Mr. Old School made these AWESOME heart-shaped sugar cookies for the kids’ valentines. They are delish (I mean, DEEEEEEEE-LISH!)

I found a set of 10 fabulous blingy, girly baggies and toppers at Hobby Lobby for $3, so that was Stinker Bell’s class covered. Then I bought some card stock and printed these super cute little pirates (which, if you recall, I had done last year too, but he didn’t like it because there was no food) for Stinker Relly’s class.

I had actually thought ahead! The kids were excited. I was excited. I mean, just look at how adorable these are! I’m all, “winniiiiiinng”!
Filling In The Names Their Valentines

So then, we woke up late this morning and I had not yet had Stinker Relly put his class friends’ names on their valentines, so we’re doing that when I realize we are FOUR BAGS SHORT. FOUR. F-O-U-R!! And I had distributed all the cookies that Mr. Old School baked and a few leftover chocolate chip bad boys from a previous day’s kitchen adventure. So, I ripped into my own kids’ valentines and explained to them that they didn’t need to give anything to themselves because all their friends were giving them valentines. I love those generous little love bugs. They were NOT happy to not have their own, but they love to give; God bless ’em.

I still need 2. I gingerly stole from the teachers’ bags.
What else could I have done?! Oy.
But. Crisis averted. WHEW!

So then it takes what seems like forever to get the kids dressed because they automatically think, “I’m without clothing. I must trollop though the house with abandon now.” Meanwhile, I’m standing there with underpants and outfits and shouting to get back here and obey… It’s really not pretty.

So THEN… They’re dressed and everyone’s ready for breakfast when I open the pantry to discover… No cereal (today’s grocery day) and no time to whip up some scrambled eggs (because our two are ree-hee-heeeeally slow scrambled eggs eaters; Lord only knows why). Time for a new plan! McDonald’s pancakes!

So we get loaded up and are toodling down the road when I hear the sweetest little voice on the planet:

“Uh… Mommy? Which McDonald’s are we going to for breakfast?”

Yup. I had driven past it and was more than halfway to school.

So as I’m turing the car around, I’m telling my children, “Mommy feels like she’s just not doing a very good job at being Mommy today, guys. I’m so sorry…”

When I hear, “That’s OK Mommy. Everyone makes mistakes. We still love you.” And Stinker Bell chimes in with, “Yeah. We stiw wuv you!”

And just like that, I’m on top of the world again.
Happy Valentine’s Day to me.

Happy Day of Love, everyone.

~ Stephanie

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